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Applied Statistics and Consulting is a niche consulting practice founded on the premise that statistical analyses and statistical consulting should enhance the experience of scientific research. 

Applied Statistics and Consulting's mission is to provide clients with comprehensive advice, analyses and support in the application of statistics in their discipline.  Because the topics in statistics can seem like a foreign language, it is important that our clients' experiences with Applied Statistics and Consulting be as direct and clear as possible.  Having a background in the biological and environmental sciences offers Applied Statistics and Consulting the unique ability to express our clients' statistical results and consulting advice in their language, hence our motto:

“It’s not just about the numbers”. 

A scientific background also affords Applied Statistics and Consulting the skills to assist our clients in reporting and writing their research results for a broader audience.


Applied Statistics and Consulting's rates are reasonable and competitive.  The experience will be a good one - guaranteed - or no charge.

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Applied Statistics and Consulting:  "It's not just about the numbers."

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