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Anyone who loves his or her job also loves to share it with others.  That's why Applied Statistics and Consulting provides workshops.  These workshops are geared towards the non-statistican in hopes of narrowing the gap between statisticans and scientists.  We provide customized 1-day workshops covering statistical methods and using examples typically encountered in your area of interest.


Everyone likes to feel comfortable with discussions pertaining to analysis and results.  That is why we customize the workshops to fit the individuals who attend.  Attendees will not become statistical experts after one workshop, but they will have a better understanding of what journal reviewers, regulatory agency reviewers and grant reviewers look for in the methods and analysis sections of reports, manuscripts and proposals.


Topics covered in these workshops include:

  • Basic statistics terminology (Type I and Type II errors, CV, standard errors and deviations, etc)
  • Basics of experimental design (randomizing, blocking, factoring, sample sizes, etc)
  • Introduction to common statistical analysis methods used in your field (Wilcoxon Rank-Sum Tests, ANOVA, regressions, chi-square tests,  etc)
  • How to interpret statistical results (correlations, confidence intervals, p-values, odds-ratios, etc)

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